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How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by 30%

December 18, 2012 by Chris

button-comparisonLast December, we worked with a National sporting goods manufactuer to improve their online sales through the holiday season. They had been traditionally focused on brick and mortar relationships with major consumer outlets, but were leaving a lot of money on the table by ignoring their online space.

The website was slow, clunky, and a little confusing to navigate. A full redesign was not in the cards based on the time-frame, so we had to work within the parameters that were in place.

By far, the biggest deficiency of the site was the product detail page. We had created SEO strategies and pay-per-click campaigns to drive qualified traffic to the product pages, but there was a huge drop-off from there. The client was frustrated with the results, and frankly, we were too.

To be generous, the product detail page was poorly constructed – the product photos were small, the callout to “free shipping” was buried, and random icons littered the page. We soon found that all of that could be overlooked because the real problem was the “Add to Cart” button. Since the headlines were blue, the navigation was blue, the links were blue, the background was blue, and the buttons were blue – the visual result was a sea of sameness. This lack of contrast did not provide enough relief to draw the eye to the desired call to action. In short, the users were simply overlooking the “Add to Cart” button.

To resolve this, we simply created a new, slightly larger, red button graphic (with some added styling because that’s how we roll) and uploaded it in place of the old button. This 10-minute change resulted in a 30% conversion increase overnight. The client was happy and we were vindicated.

Given more time, we would have liked to experiment with different button treatments to see if we could nudge the figure even higher (maybe an A/B split test against a green button or some different button text), but you can see how a simple color change can have a big impact on your conversion rate.

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