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Stop Asking Your Users ‘How Did You Hear About Us?’

January 17, 2014 by convertableblog

The majority of websites have contact forms on them and a lot of them include the question “How Did You Hear About Us?” as an option right before the submit button. Obviously, the goal of asking this question is to try and figure out which marketing or advertising campaigns are generating the most qualified leads, which is incredibly useful information for any business. However, this is the wrong way to go about it for a few reasons –

  1. Each additional form field hinders conversions – It might sound ridiculous that including just one additional field for a potential customer to fill out would have a noticeable impact on the conversion rate, but it does. The goal should be to make it as easy as possible for users to give you their information and having any unnecessary fields will likely drive some potential customers away. Not to mention the fact that the question “How Did You Hear About Us?” only provides a benefit to you and does not provide any value to the person filling out the form. Check your forms to make sure you are only requesting information that is vital to qualifying the lead. If you really want to ask for a user’s full mailing address or fax number, you can certainly do so when you follow up with the lead.
  2. Inaccurate data – Many users do not like to be bothered with this question since it doesn’t matter to them, and thus many of them will simply make a choice at random just so they can finish completing the contact form submission process and get on with their busy lives. Of course this means the actual source of the lead is not going to be accurate 100% of the time which may lead to making bad business decisions based off of flawed marketing data. You can avoid falling into this trap by removing the question altogether from your website forms and again, asking the potential customer how they found you when you follow up with the lead.

Now that you’ve gone ahead and removed this question from your contact forms, I bet you’re thinking “I still want that information so now what do I do?” And lucky for you, Convertable is here to save the day! Here are some ways Convertable will solve this problem –

  1. Automatically tracks the source of every web lead – With our real-time analytics features, every web lead generated through your website will instantly include full analytics data alongside the information provided through the form. This all happens automatically without having to annoy your visitors with additional form fields.
  2. Much more accurate – Convertable enables you to track the traffic source, keyword, location, host name, browser, landing page, time spent on site, pages viewed, previous visits and more for each individual user. This means you will be able to see how the user first found your site so you can give proper credit to the appropriate advertising or marketing channel for originally bringing the customer to your site.
  3. Easily measure ROI of marketing campaigns – Convertable’s lead management dashboard also enables you to update the status of each lead throughout the entire sales process. Once a deal is closed, the amount of revenue generated can easily be attributed back to the original source of the lead so you can truly measure the ROI of all of your marketing campaigns. This includes SEO, pay-per-click (Google AdWords, adCenter, etc), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), banner ads, email newsletters, referring sites and so on. Basically anything you want!

So there you have it. If you want to start tracking the source of every single one of your website leads in order to make better marketing decisions, make sure to check out Convertable!

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